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rachel_o's Journal
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Monday, September 3rd, 2007
2:55 pm
Dan's Mum will be over to visit today.

I've spent the morning thinking about that, rushing around, doing that clean, tidy, cook thing. I also got out for two walks.

I'm feeling pent up and blahhhhh and wishing I could go for a run, but knowing that a run is a rotten idea, but at the same time knowing that come 9 or 10pm tonight that I will likely find myself out for a 6k. I just can't take it!

Okay, and there is weirdness here. Every time I see Dan's Mum she has some comment or another about my body. I mean, they are nice comments, but I don't want to hear them.

Compliments of any kind make me uncomfortable and inspire the urge in me to make smart ass comments to deflect said compliments with.

That said, a true compliment is a nice thing, but not always. I'm pretty conflicted.

I had a guy who recently told me that I was beautiful with a depth of sincerity that it made me stop, listen and be flattered. At the same time it made me frown and want to spin and sprint away.

Lots of things seem to make me want to run away or chew my leg off in an effort to get away. Getting laid up is not a thing that will be doing me any good.

I've got to get a hold of my new sitter. I'm going to need her for before school care. I had thought I would be able to start work a little later, but then realized I've booked early workshops and need to check in at the office and need to blah, blah, blah.

I can't believe how lucky I was to find Georgette on short notice.

And on that note -- The time has come the walrus said to talk of many things...
Sunday, September 2nd, 2007
2:44 pm
Can you say -- Broken?
I went out for my run today. Or at least I went out for 15k of my run. I got about 7 and a bit k in when I knew that something wasn't right. I did the little internal argument and decided it is better to run less once than to run not at all for a number of weeks. I did the turn about and then thought, that maybe I was feeling better. I picked up the pace and I felt my leg go crunch. I slowed it up and thought maybe it would be okay, but the hurt just got more. End result being that for the first time ever in all the years as a young person and as an adult that I have been running, I made a call for help. Yikes!

I think I'm going to have to really cut back on my running. I am going to cut it back to Monday rest, Tuesday 6k, Wednesday 10k, Thursday 8K Friday rest day, Saturday 6k and then Sunday I'll do no more than 16k. With a pivot between 12, 14 and 16K depending on how healing goes along. If I'm more hurt than I want to be I guess I'll do some water running. I duno. I'm holding onto the hope that I'm more strained than really, really hurt.

All I know is that I have no interest at all in going to see a doctor. I'm not going to like anything that any of them have to say and I won't listen, so I don't see any reason to waste my, or their time.
Sunday, August 26th, 2007
5:07 pm
Getting there...
So, I'm getting there. Where? Not really sure, but I'm getting there -- slowly...

It took me 3hrs 45min to cover my 32K today. It was really only to be 29, but then I thought 30 is a nice round number and then I was feeling energetic and playful at the end, so I added a little bit more.

As usual the first half of my out was the slow bit and I picked it up as I went along. I have issues with starting too fast. I have my slow, steady training pace that I know I could go on at for a very long time and then I like to see how I feel.

It seems I have some sort of issue with my achillies. I'll need to see how that goes.

I'm surprised how quick I recovered. I got done, did a 3k cool down, came in, showered, changed and then went out for a 7 or 8 k strech and continue to cool, came home, took a 45 min nap, got groceries, went out and picked up my abandoned water bottles (one got taken) and then got Jordy, came home, cooked and then went out for another stretch walk.

I feel tired, but not that sort of -- Oh my gosh, I'm going to fall over dead tired -- Just more of a -- gezz, my feet want me not to be on them any more and I would like to just rest my eyes for a minute ;)
Saturday, August 25th, 2007
2:19 pm
It's party time...
So, today is a big birthday event for friends of ours. Right now, there are about 50 or 60 people meeting in the cul-de-sac. I suppose that I should go make a longer appearance than I have on the books at this point (grins). I went over, gave Tom a hug and left. Now I'd best get over there and hug Jane or she'll kick my ass! And she could do it. I would put up some resistance, but she is an ass kicker if ever one drew a breath.

Anyway, the party sounds like fun. There is going to be golf, b-b-q and then hot tub options. I've told Dan that I can't stay out late tonight. I've got the long run in the morning.

I know I'll have fun once I'm over there :)

Sunday, August 19th, 2007
9:09 pm
Oh my, my...

Sometimes that is about all that can be said.
Saturday, August 18th, 2007
12:59 pm
Okay, so I've got one child of to a wedding, and am about to take another to a funeral. It was weird to shop for both those cards this morning. I stood there for a moment, looking from one to the other, thinking about how things start, how they end and wondering about the meaning of life, love, marriage, about being content, about being bored, about being restless and what exactly it is that is happy and then I went, got my toilet paper and booted it off for home.

Went out and looked at some trucks. I really don't know that I'm a small car person. I like having a larger vehicle. I'm sure there is some sort of issue in there ;) or maybe a chair is just a chair. All I know is that the idea of me buying a new truck has Dan's knickers in a twist. He was ready to go V8 when it was for him, but now that it's for me, well that is another story.

I went to get ready for the funeral, pulled on one pair of black pants, they fell off. Yikes! I'm bloated right now, I thought that my big pants would be snug, or at least that they would fit for sure. So, I pulled out another pair that usually fit nicely and -- yup, they slid down. I belted them up and decided it looked like I was wearing a paper bag. Tossed them off and pulled out a pair of jeans that used to be wayyyyy to snug. They fit nicely now. So, I'm going in nice jeans and a black shirt (gasps). Me in a black shirt? Who would ever expect such a thing...

Guess I should go try to pull a brush through my mop top of hair and see if I can bring some semblance of order to it. Good luck to me on that!

Current Mood: weird
Friday, August 17th, 2007
6:27 am
Busy, busy with a side of busy...

I'm still having a heck of a time getting back into my weights/strength training. I kind of wonder where my will went? Guess it took off with the majority of my time :)

Running is going well, but I can feel some weakness in my left ankle and in my right shin area. I need to use a little caution and be ready to pull back and accept the half marathon if that is what it comes to. I don't want to pulverize myself. Then again, there are days when I'm not so sure that I don't want to pulverize myself (grins/laughter).

I had to play receptionist again for part of yesterday afternoon. I only hated that a little (LOT)! In particular I don't like having to do it at the end of the day when all of the drivers are tired and cranky. Not my idea of a cake walk. They just love when I let them know that there is a late comer who would like a pick up -- could they swing by such and such address and collect it? -- Translation. I'm telling you that management has informed me that any and all dumb fucks who call in at any time of the day and any day of the week to say that they want a pick up, will have one, so just forget about how your day is complete and you are half way back and ready for the day to end, turn that honkin, big truck around and get your ass back to that house and resident who does this to you ever week, and stands at the end of the drive with the same shit eating grin to tell you about how they pay taxes and your wage. Oh, and could you do that with a smile? Lovely!

My garden is looking good. I don't think I've killed anything :)

I went to the doctor yesterday to get a thron removed from my thumb. That was fun... He and I had our usual, strange chat. I wonder if he talks about such odd things with everyone, or just with me?

I've got a new puffer. This one is not just for exercise. It's a regular sort of thing.

I'm sending Chelsea off to Bingo today. I honestly hope not to have to do that again. I can't remember ever having such a hard time breathing.

He, he, he :) Chelsea and I cleaned out the worm bin yesterday. She thinks it is pretty funny, that a person with the worm/bug/insect/dirt issues that I have is working in the job that I am (grins/laughter). I guess it is pretty amusing. Equally amusing, is how I can act as if it is the most natural thing in the world to play with pick up and fish through a box of worms. Yup, look like you love what your doing and others will love doing it with you.

Honestly though, there were a few freakish looking spiders under the box. I actually did the scream, arm flapping dance. Seems to be popular this week :) I'm glad that not many people were around to see that one. At least I don't think they were, but for all I know the floor crew have it recorded on their cell phones and are broadcasting it in the lunch room.

Guess I better go make some lunch. I'm trying to do the eat healthy thing here. At least today.

This weekend Dan and I have an anniversary. We will be doing the Indian Food thing. I'm looking forward to it. Now I just have, have, have to remember to get out and get a card and find out what we are doing about or if we are doing the gift thing.
Monday, August 13th, 2007
8:00 pm
Well, I guess I'll just lift my head up and take a little look around.

It's been an interesting couple of weeks for me. Life is rolling along or maybe life is on rollers?

Either way, it's all on the upside at this point.

I've decided that I can do the marathon and that I will play rugby.

I spent a few hours in the garden today. Chelsea and Christian came out to help and we kicked backside all over that thing. It's starting to look really good. The vision I have for it doesn't seem so impossible.

It's really amazing what a small group of determined people can do.

Tomorrow Chelsea and I are going to hit the garden again. I doubt Christian will be able to come out two days in a row. He has office work/translations/million other things he has to get done.

I was so pleased with the garden that I took Dan by to have a look.

Today while Chelsea and I were at the garden we were turning the compost. I wanted to get some straw for it. I never would have sent Chelsea into the shed for straw. It's a know breeding area for rats and I didn't want her to get a handful of rat. As I was thinking that I heard a scream.

I darted out of the shed and saw Chelsea doing what I can only call "the freak out dance" Hands waving, legs jumping, going in circles. I went over to see what had happend. A rat had happened.

She had plunged the turning tool into the compost, pulled it up and it had pulled a young rat up with it. Said rat, leapt at Chelsea and freaked her right out. We both were jumpy and yelping away at every little thing that moved, and things were moving.

Two rats made themselves known. After turning up the two, I decided that I had, had quite enough of the compost for one afternoon. I laid straw over the top of it and we got down to gardening.
Wednesday, August 8th, 2007
10:12 pm
Running is going well. I can do it, I just really don't know if I want to (wahhhhhhh)!

Honestly, the 20+ runs are starting to feel mighty long. It takes me two days to really bounce back from those. I get wild giddy and spun. I'm not sure if that is such a good thing or not (grins/laughter).

I think that 30+ just might make me flop down on some randomly selected lawn and take a nap.

I guess that having a massive blister hasn't helped. I don't know where that thing came from. I thought me and my kicks were wayyyyy past the blister phase. Guess, it happens. The blister came up under a callous, so it was really fun. Yummy and pretty all at the same time...

I just tromped around on it till, it blew. I knew that sooner or later, some hill or another would exceed the pressure it could stand and that it would go. Now it's on the mend.

I'm worried about Rugby, about upsetting my recently recovered fractures, about blowing out my shoulders, about breaking my nose for the sixth time, or getting a few more scars on my face. I'm even worried about my ankles. I so don't want to land in any more casts. I don't want any more time on crutches. At the same time I want to go and play some bone crunching sport. I'll sort it out. I imagine I'll go, I mean I all ready canceled my spa visit, so in a lot of ways it would seem my mind is made up.

Reception is still going along. I don't know about that. I so never wanted to do that sort of work again. At the same time some things about it are nice. I get to visit with more of my co-workers -- that is nice. I think there must be a lot more to the job, as what I'm doing simply can not be it.

I got my backside kicked at crazy 8's today. It was still fun to play.
Tuesday, August 7th, 2007
7:47 pm
Tomorrow I plan to not show up to work till almost 9am :) That is going to feel pretty strange.

On Thursday and Friday I have some places I need to go first thing. In fact, I just thought of a place I need to drive by on my way to work in the morning. I want to see what this one person is getting up to with their stuff. They like to complain and I've kind of thrown a wrench into it, but phoning them from outside of their house or on after I get back to he office, with a full description of the situation, cars, etc and asking them about what I'm seeing. He, he, he (grins/snort). Sometimes the guys are so fast off the line that I can't even get out to places before they've done pick-ups! Quick little money bouncers :)

Today reception wasn't so bad. I didn't feel the total urge to stick fun screaming. I'm getting sort of used to being locked down. I still don't like it. I think it helps that I'm dead, dog tired. Yet, still with that edge of hyper/silly/play.

I got done at work, burned home and then went out for my run.

When I left for my run I was hungry as a bear, tired as I mentioned and the rain was misting away. I didn't care. I just went for it. I got done in less time than I expected I am picking up speed. That's nice, I'll be able to shove more into less time.

Oh! GuyM form work is going to attend the BBQ. He wasn't going to at first, but now it seems he will come. That will be nice. He is very sweet.

The guy went fishing on the weekend and got stung by something. He experienced what sounds like a serious allergic reaction and still has an impressive lump of swelling. Guys! Any woman would have gone to a doctor to make sure she wasn't going to drop dead. He went home and went to bed saying that he could feel the stuff in him.

GuyD was with GuyM and he got some freakish bite as well. Mosquito he says, but he had several other mosquito bites and none of them caused the reaction of the one.

The testosterone swamp, estrogen tank and my daughter are throwing my system for a loop and a half. Yikes! I'm not even going to go into that. Well, not right now anyway.

I am feeling the weights today. All across my front, pecks sort of stuff. I can't believe I've got to do weight/strength tomorrow -- yet I'm already kind of amused by it. Which is a good sign.

GuyD saw me when I was out for a walk. He informed me that I didn't look sweaty enough to have run 23k. I think that Pup doubts me! Doesn't matter what he doubts or believes. I explained I was out on one of my many walks. I am really enjoying walks of late. I didn't realize how stuck at home I had been when I had the fractures. Now I'm out again and having such a nice time of it.

In the last few weeks I ran before I knocked off to recover from injury I can now admit that I was in pain and that the pain pretty much occupied my thoughts while I was running. I didn't notice anything, other than the pound, pound, pound, pounding in and through my leg. Now I've lifted the veil of HOLY OUCH and am seeing the world around me again. Nice world, eh :)

So, I'll know tomorrow if the fam is going up to the lake. If they do, then I will know fifteen people off the cuff who will all be fishing while I am not. It kind of blows. I'm glad I only got a temp license when we were up last. I think I may have scented the -- NO FISHIN' FOR YOU WOMAN!!!! -- in the air.

Hey, but don't get me wrong. I wouldn't want them not to go. It's good that they go. I want everyone to have a nice time, to have fun. Fun is good and should not be discouraged. At least not often ;)

Current Mood: thoughtful
Monday, August 6th, 2007
8:59 pm
All right... Um, I duno about this whole weights/strength thing (grin/sigh).

Honestly, I've been nosin' back at things and using my girlie bar. I hauled the stuff up, including my six foot bar, which was a workout in and of itself. I looked at the stuff for a couple of days and today I got back to it.

I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but it would be doable, and it was. I'm lifting less, but that isn't the end of the world. I'll move back up in weight as I go along.

Dumbell Side-raises are no harder than any other thing I did today. I think those muscles must have stayed strong somehow. They are the only thing that I didn't need to drop down in weight or reps. Oh and my behind the neck press. How unfun were those two? Pretty unfun. They are my most disliked sets at the best of times. Funny how they are the ones that I stayed strong on. Wonder what that's about?

The last two sets I do are the Upright row and the tricepts extensions. Those were starting to press my will to continue. I did them. Honeslty though, as I did the last rep of the last set I was quite happy and don't know if I had even one more little lift in me.

So, since I was so wiped I decided to get right on with the strength work. Phew! I did cut myself a little slack on that front. I did the four killers and plan to add one more each time that I work out, till I'm back to my full workout.

I didn't do push-ups yet. If I had tried to do them right after the weights, I would have landed flat on my face. I'll kick those off a little later.

I'm enjoying my day off. I slept in till 6am

Much later in the day...

Got my push-ups in. Starting in the morning I'll be doing my 90 to 120 a day. Yah, i do sets of 30 ;) I'm just a wee pup, none of this hundred stuff for me.
Sunday, August 5th, 2007
11:42 am
Ohhhhh, ahhhhh :)

Did my 23 in 2hrs and 38 min. That isn't bad for me. I was happy with it. I was also not hurtin' all over in the end. I could have picked it up, but then there would be that whole hurtin' at the end thing that I don't want to do.

I did between an 8 and 10k cool down. Last week I didn't cool down very well and there was a price to be paid for that. Then, after my cool down I went on into the house, fell down on my bed and had myself a little nap.

Now I'm up, showered, and ready (sort of ready) to get at things.

I have that lethargic, warm feeling that I get after lots of exercise and yet I've got my buzzing energy with it. Kind of a freaky combo.

I have one my stoner style days on the hook here. I've got my big grin, my flop about, but buzz and bounce all at once. The sort -- Man, if I could just make myself get up, I would do something really cool right about now :)

The coolest thing I've done thus far is to brush my teeth. For some reason, I had an awful lot of fun doing that.

I'm silly and mellow and hyper and feeling pretty good.

I've decided that I need some new shorts. I want Dan O. to come on out with me. Just in case I get all tottery or over giddy.
Saturday, August 4th, 2007
3:44 pm
Okay... Take a deep breath, think calm thoughts and try to mellow out a bit. I am such an energy beast today!

I've been an energy beast for a stretch now. That isn't to say that there aren't times when I'm tired, but I am still just a ball of hyper and play. But honestly, I do need to mellow at times. I swear that I could a packaged of starbucks coffee the jitters.

I clocked out my 23k for the morning. It's a nice jaunt and has fewer hills of less intensity that last week. I've got a route that is going to meander in and out of several different residential areas, along four different arterial roadways and has reasonably safe passage for me. I think it will be nice.

I want to get off pretty early in the morning. It's a lot nicer to run when it is still cool, maybe even before the sun really is fully up. If I do that, I'll need my reflective vest though. I don't want to go making myself into road pizza.

Shooter was entertaining.

Dan has decided that we are going out tonight. How weird is that? It's pretty damned weird.

Dan O is getting excited about hockey in the fall. He's been missing it. Once hockey starts he will be out with his 2 or 3 nights a week. Then there will be Chris and Seb to get to hockey, Daniel and Chris to get to ref games. The guy factor of the house will more or less move to the ice arena and Jordan will move to the rugby field and I suppose I may join her there. J & K will also be hitting the ice with Special O skating.

I guess I'll hit the ice as well. I just need to try not to do it with my face (grins/laughter). I'm such shit on skates. I guess I'm getting a little better. Wearing a pair of the boys old skates really helped out. I think they were Daniel's when he was in grade four or something. I had thought we had off loaded all the old hockey gear. I was pretty pleased to find those last winter. I have to say that guy skates are pretty comfortable. However, I'm still not and don't think that I ever will be very at ease on the ice.

I'm stoked about starting Rugby. I'm a little bit worried, but I think it will be fine. The worst that happens is I get an injury and find out that I'm not gritty enough to play rugby. I'm kind of thinking that I'll have grit to spare ;) I've been itching for some sort of physical outlet (aside from the running). I think that this sort of bone crunching contact may be just what I've been looking for.

I'm starting weights/strength training on Sunday. I'm ready and have moved things to where I like them. I hate the weight bench. I'm stuck on my chair routines and stuck to them I will happily remain. I wonder what sort of weight I'll be able to work with? I'm not holding my breath on the thought that I'll be able to pick up where I left off.
Friday, August 3rd, 2007
9:27 pm
J. came out to pay me a call...
Sweet mercy! When Super K. told me that J. was going to drop in over the next couple of days I think I might have had palpitations. At the very least my blood pressure jumped.

Then I sort of forgot about it. Right up till the moment that a guy ran into the office and gasped "J's back!" It was funny. I felt my weird -- there's gonna be a fight rush. I don't get the run thing. I get the weird power up thing. The sort of thing where I think I might even look a little bit bigger.

I actually stood up. I was ready to go (grins/laughter). Anyway, she came in, looked me up and down, did the tap a lot of cards on the front counter, talked to other people, while keeping her hostile eyes locked on me and I pretended that I didn't notice and I pretended that I was busy and I think she believed my pretend. Then she asked me if she could leave some food for the worms. I told her to feel free. She gave me a card and was on her way.

She spent a long time in the trailer. I imagine she didn't much recognize it. Maybe she even cried. I almost hope she did. Maybe some warm salt tears would melt her frickin' heart of ice! Fates know that the hell fire and lava flow of our 3.5 or 4 months side by side didn't do anything to soften the stone of her soul.

One would never know that I would like to push a hot poker through her eyes...

Anyway, I had a fair day as receptionist. I was bored out of my tree. I created a number of games to entertain myself and dictate when I would work, for how long. In some ways it was kind of fun. I got to be a lot more social than is my usual. But, when it was time for my lunch, I just sort of balled up on a chair and listened to classical music. I felt locked up in the office. I flet like somebody had taken away my freedom, and know what? Somebody had. I never wanted to have another job where I had to be chained to a clock, to a desk, to a phone. It sort of makes me want to run screaming. I don't much like being restrained.

Everyone jokes about how the other does nothing and we are all very busy. Yes, even me :) Until today. I thought of a whole load of ways to phrase "fucking the dog" I typed them up, looked at them for a time, while people came and went and I thought of how shocked some would be and how amused others would be. Yup, fun list of ways to say fucking the dog. That's what I do all day! Heck I even moved into other animal groups (grins/laughter).

I guess all work and now play really does make Jack or in my case Jill a dull boy/girl...

I found a water stop on my walking/running routes. It's going to be hell useful as I move into the high 20 and 30 k's of running. That get's to be a tad long and thirsty, or maybe it's just me. Maybe other people don't need water. I try to make my water last, but honest, knowing that I can refill for the final stretch is going to mean an awful lot to me. At this point, I average 500 ml per 10k. I feel comfortable with that. That said, I sometimes wonder if I am under hydrating. Maybe I should read up again. I seem to have forgotten. Or maybe I've decided not to remember.

Now I'm off to watch Shooter. I hear it's good.
Thursday, August 2nd, 2007
5:14 pm
Oh My Goodness!
So, I was playing crazy 8's at work today. Who would have thought it could be so fun? Anyway, it's the pass-time of the lunch crowd and they invited me to play.

I had to admit that I had forgotten how to play and then they invited me in anyway and said they would expalin.

Today I went in and played again. No invitation needed. I just sat down. Guess I'm inviting myself now. Rather bold of me, eh? I'm usually shy of that sort of thing.

That said, I did feel a little strange sitting down and playing. I felt like I ought to have some sort of chaperone sitting in there with all those guys.

Anyway, here comes the funny part...

Mark is sitting by me. I think he is trying to cheat, so I hide my cards from him. He apparently is trying to help, so I show him my cards and he starts laughing and says "Holy crap, you hold your cards like some kind of dyslexic." Then he makes some rather funny, yet not flattering comments about dyslexics.

The funny part is that I am a dyslexic (laughter). Mark would feel so bad if he knew I was. I didn't tell him.

I don't care. I know I'm a dyslexic. It isn't news to me that numbers are my worst enemy.

Anyway, it's not like I lost every round -- and how am I supposed to concentrate on anything with the lot of them being so naughty and wicked 24/7. What a pack of bouncers they are. I would turn the lot over my knee, but I know they would enjoy it ;)

Dan isn't going away this weekend, but he will be leaving next Wednesday. I am a tad freaked and at the same time I know I will enjoy the quiet. I can't run to family every time I get bored either. They will be up at the cabin and I will be down here. I've got stuff on the weekend, so I'll not be going up. That means I'll spend almost six full days on my own!

I'm excited, freaked out, queasy and very happy that Wenda comes on Thursday so that she can tidy up after the horror of the hasty pack up and move 'em out that I know will be Wednesday.

Dan's had the tents out to air and dry and all that jazz. He seems to have hit his stride with the whole home thing. I hope he keeps that stride.

I know I shouldn't be a piss bug, but it ticks me bad when he is home all day and I come home and need to clean, cook, wash, launder and the like, and then when I snap about it, he is all "What? Why are you angry? What's the problem" and I'm all like "What! You've got to be kidding me? No, there isn't any problem, everything is just PERFECT (grrrrr)! -- said in mind, but out loud -- Hum? No, I'm not angry, just a little tired, that's all Boo. It's all good." -- Meanwhile internal dialogue is just screamin' along.

Maybe I should unload on him. Maybe it's dishonest to be nice. I duno.

I'm not going to run tonight. I got beat to snot by my garden. Yah, a garden can beat you bad if it wants too ;)

I also seem to be allergic or sensitive to most of the plants in it. Those things are soooooo not growing there next year.

I have rashes and thron gashes and cuts and bruises and you name it. I think I'm lucky I didn't cut my fingers off while I was hack/slashing at the garden. Uh...I mean -- maintaining it with all the love and granola munchin' devotion that is so a part of my due to be Sainted persona (BWAH, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaa)!

Tomorrow I'm a receptionist. That should go well.... NOT!

Okay Lady H has sat down and really worked herself silly in setting me up with an itinerary of things that will happen and trying very hard to prepare me for them and giving me her home phone number. She knows I'm filled with horror and the wish to run at the thought of her job and she is trying to help me -- Hope it works (very afraid face).

Weight slips and time cards and trucks! Weight slips and time cards and trucks!

said to the Lions and tigers and bears tune :)

I don't mind saying I'm a little bit anxious.

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, August 1st, 2007
6:04 am
I got a new computer at work yesterday. Apparently I'm going to be in charge of the web, or webmaster, or webmistress or something. Sounds fine with me. I can stick stuff on and pick stuff off. Hum... Wonder if this is going to turn into one of those things that is more work than it looks like (grins/laughter).

I'm doing either depot tours or world of worms today. I can't remember which! That isn't really good. I'll need to sort that out first thing. Guess I'll prep for both. There will be a total of 80 people. I'm cool with that.

I'm usually quite organized, but somehow the past couple of days haven't felt that way.

My run on the weekend really kicked the stuffing out of me. Those hills and hills and hills. Wow. I went out for my first run of the week and the heat did a number on me. What is it with me and the shiver fests. Okay, I know what that is about, but why? I guess it's that I once again ended up spending a lot of the day standing out in the sun. I kept my hat on though. I should have been okay. I hydrated and everything. I hate that heat messes me up. Don't get me wrong, I cranked out my run and I did it at a good clip, but I felt off. You just shouldn't be getting shivers and chills in 30ish weather.

I could run at night, but I like to walk at night.

My weights/strength training is in the toilet. I need to get it organized again. I've been hauling my weights back upstairs. I just don't get downstairs. I also don't like the weight bench. I'm sticking with my chair set up.

On me looking like an idiot...

So, at work yesterday I was putting away some stuff. Some stuff that I should have asked for help with, but that I didn't ask for help with, because I'm not good at asking for help, even when I really sould ask for it. Anyway... I had these bins to put away. I carry them across the lot. Not so bad, but then I have to get them behind my trailer -- Problem -- they don't fit between the shed and the trailer. So, I lift them way up over my head and volley them along the roof and wall of the trailer. That was when I heard the sound of water. I didn't look up, just turned my face away and -- SPLOSH -- eight buckets dumping water all over me. YUMMY! -- I being me, and getting into mess and such frequently keep a change or two of cloths at work. I've got half my black t-shirt team living there. Anyway, I got the rest of the bins put away, didn't even bother to try to stop from getting wet on the second round and then changed. I'm kind of glad that nobody could see me where I was. At the same time, who am I kidding, that place has eyes all over the place. Somebody will have seen me getting a big, juicy head, face and top full of delicious, nutritious recycling juice from the bottom of the bins.

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Monday, July 30th, 2007
11:03 pm
Crazy, fun, long shadow walkin' leg play...
So, Dan and I went out for a walk. That was kind of like hell freezing over. Dan never wants to go for a walk. I half think he might have been just a tad worried about me shooting out the door at 10pm.

Anyway, it was nice. I did my usual up to the grocery store, the turn and then cause Dan was with me, my dip down the street where my co-workers live. Dan and I talked about why I don't run/walk there any longer. I explained that if I walked past a house four to six times a day it would look stalkerish.

He and I had a laugh and I'm half tempted to see if I can creep the guys out :) Oh yah, stalka' Rach (grin/snort).

On the way back Dan didn't believe me that you could get through from this one road to another. I explained that it was long and meandered, but that the pass was there. He insisted I show him. So, I did. Heck, that made the walk a lot longer than I wanted it to be.

It's hard for Dan to accept that I'm getting to know the awful in and out roads of ridge better than him. Honestly though, I drive all over hells (Maple Ridge's) Half acre. It only makes sense that I would sort out the ins and passes at some point.

That said, I still get turned around and confused with frustrating regularity.

There are times when I just get so entirely pissed and ticked off that I can't even see the simplicity of where I am going by the numbers of the streets/Aves. Those are bad moments indeed.

Those are the moments when I want to find one of our trucks, pull the driver out -- scream at him, kick him, slap him and then cry on his shoulder, hugging him and ask for an escort to where ever the hell it is that I am supposed to be going.

I really hate being lost and turned around.

Back to the walk...

There were really fun shadow play. It gave us the super long body/legs. I had my hoodie tied around my waist, so it looked like I had two sets of arms. I did my silly dart about, stagger here and there thing and my shadow looked like some sort of freaky, crazy bug thing. Dan played a bit, but he isn't real playful that way. He is more of a just walk on sort. Still, I keep up or out pace him. I can be a silly, crazy ass and walk fast all at the same time (grins/laughter).
Sunday, July 29th, 2007
8:09 pm
I was shocked by how busy Golden Ears is!

When I went to the lake it was like walking into a mall. People crowded all over the place. I didn't like that.

The past couple of years we've not really done much Provincial style camping. Mostly we just go to the cabin and that rocks my socks.

It's nice and quiet up there. A few people, but not lots, just enough.
7:46 pm
Camping was fun :) I got up and couldn't find anyone -- which was fine with me. I went for a couple of different hikes. It seems that they took the roads and I took the trails and we passed one another twice! I would way rather take the trails. I don't care if the road is flatter, easier. I like the twisting, wooded paths. I like the zig, zag trails and the fact that you can't get across the river unless you swim, or hike up to the bridge.

So, I got in an afternoon of hikes and then went back to the camp site to have a little nap. I didn't get to nap long before they all came back.

The kids were all excited to see me and wondered if I knew where Dan had put the candy I left for them the other night. I was able to find it. So, it wasn't so much they were happy to see me, more they were happy I knew where the candy was at ;)

I stayed up later than I should have. I enjoyed seeing the bottom of a glass or two... I also got to chat with a ninjitsu dude. It turns out he knows the guy who I trained with. I think that a lot of these martial arts types know one another. While we were talking we got into the running. He has always wanted to get into doing some distance running. An Enduro is on his mind. I told him to go for it. I talked to him about how much I miss fighting, and how I figure that at this stage in the game it would be safe to say that I couldn't fight my way out of a wet paper bag. I'm so much weaker in some ways and so much stronger in others. He seemed to think that I would be able to hold my own and informs me that you "don't forget"

How would he know though? Maybe I do forget. Heck, I forget stuff all the time! :)

Guy also seemed pretty impressed with the time I get the distance done in. I explained to him what competitive times are like and that I'm not really very fast at all. He still seemed impressed, so I let him feel that way. I guess it's nice if he thinks I'm doing well.

So anyway, it rained last night. We got up at 4am ish. and did the rush about, put the stuff that needs keep dry away thing. Yikes, somebody forgot to let mother nature in on the weather forecast... After that I couldn't really sleep. I like listening to the rain and was so busy listening to it that I didn't fall back to sleep and when I don't sleep well, I don't have any appetite for food, so now you can see how well I am going into my 20k run...

Yup, we got home, unpacked, put on some laundry and then I hit the road with no more than one little cup of yogurt and two cups of gut rot coffee in me. I don't know what I was thinking. Guess I wasn't thinking. Or maybe I was thinking that the gel packs of goo would carry me through, which they sort of did. I didn't start to feel sick from them till 18.5k and then I knew that they were not sitting right with me.

I'll not be using that brand again, or the last brand I tried, maybe I just shouldn't go for those. I might go back to my bar eating. Those seem okay with me. Yah, it's sort of hard to eat a pasty, dry power bar and run at the same time, but I've done it before and I'm thinking I should do it again.

My leg held up great over the distance and the hills, both up and down. Wow, that was an intense little outing I set for myself.

I'm kind of tired, but a happy, contented, warm fuzzy sort of tired.

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Saturday, July 28th, 2007
12:43 pm
I'm almost ready to go up to camp.

Only trouble is that now I'm feeling I had better be very, very good and off to bed early. Suddenly 20k is looking longish. I guess it doesn't help that I selected a route run that is wicked, evil fun.

I want to test the strength of my lower leg, long bones. See how all that is going over the distance and hills. This little jaunt will do just that.

I find it amusing that my run turn around point is at the 0007 Woodlot. Makes me think 007, makes me think James Bond, Ninjas and the like. It's a good thing, as I might just need a little laugh when I get there and think about how I've got to turn around and do the same run back.

I was surprised to find I had entered the 280th zone before it was time to turn around. Somehow I was thinking 272nd. Silly, me...

At least I know how long it will take me. I do this distance in pretty much the same time, every time. I think I might be a little faster at this stage in the game, but maybe not. So much depends on weather conditions. At least it does for me.

I'm looking forward to buying my new kicks in a couple of weeks. The ones I'm in now are not worn out just yet, but they are trippin' the line on that one. Given the amount of running I'm getting up to these days and the recent concerns with my lower leg, I should play it wise where my shoes go. I'm moving into a new shoe this time. First time out of NewBalance and first love with Asics Gel Nimbus 8. Sounds fancy eh? They are a tad ugly, but super, ultra nice on the feet.

I re-loaded my ipod this morning. It was time to do away with some songs and move some new stuff in. It's going to be good listening and I'm going to have lots of time to listen :)
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