rachel_o (rachel_o) wrote,

Summer heat.

All winter I dreamed of summer and now that it is summer I dream of winter :)

I think being preggers makes the heat that much more unpleasant.

My Mom got into town last night. She lives in Saskatchewan, so it is a big deal for her to be around. She will stay with My sister, Rebecca till the 6th and then be with me through to the 10th. I'm excited about her being here.

While she is with us, Mark's family is having a multi birthday gathering, so she can meet a bunch of his family members at the same time.

I am sure this will seem like a lot for my Mum. She will have just met Mark and then it will be off to meet the rest of his mother's side of the family. Lucky for me she is a highly adaptable lady.

The weekend should be cooler. They are calling for some rain and I am looking forward to it :)

I have 99 days left till my due date -- not that I'm counting ;) I am all ready excited about being able to work my way back into running!
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