rachel_o (rachel_o) wrote,

An update.

Life has been interesting.

Being pregnant has ruled rugby out of things. I miss that bone crunching contact. However, I would not want to risk playing. It's too easy for the baby to get hurt by a sport like that.

I had a little worry at the start of the pregnancy and cut out running, but things are better now and I've entered back into a run/walk routine. It feels really good.

I can't believe how quickly I've rounded out with this pregnancy. I had got used to being slim -- so much for that!

It's all good though. I know that I'll trim down after the birth and being rounded out is part of being pregnant.

I've got amnio on the 5th and will feel a lot better when I now that everything is okay.

We had a sunny day yesterday. It was amazing! I've missed the sun and will now miss it some more. We had the one sunny day and then the rain was right back.
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