rachel_o (rachel_o) wrote,

First Rugby Game :)

I had so much fun!

Jordan and I are locks in the second line.

I don't know if I have ever hit so many people in my life. Okay, I know I have never hit so many people in my life. I loved it! I think I may have found something that will almost use up all of the aggression/energy/ that I've got boiling away 24/7.

I got my lip split (it's not very pretty) and I don't really care. I've got some sort of bruise/abrasion on the side of my face from all the sand being ground into my face in the scrum. Somebody ran over my head! I of course made the choice to protect my face (grins/laughter).

I believe I would qualify as a human bruise. I think the funniest ones are the ones where you can see the cleated boot marks on me. I've got some nice cleat drag marks, that sort of stuff.

I now know that I tackle right, thus the left side of me is exposed to being run the hell over. My right side is not quite so bad.

Jordan got belted in the face by one of our own team mates (not with intent). When next I saw her, she had half a tampon shoved up her nose -- that's my girl :) We were a pretty set!

The blisters that I got from lifting for line outs did the rip open thing again, but I think the constant friction on them did something to cauterize them -- they aren't bleeding any more and they just sort of sting, but when the game is on, like I said, I don't even notice. It's just about lifting her up strong, steady and straight.

I think the hardest part of scrums is getting low enough for the first row. We have two small women in the front line and I lock my shoulders sort of under their thighs and get my head between their thighs and it's honest to goodness, all kinds of hard to get that low, but hey, I'm doing it and will get a lot more comfortable with it as my muscles get used to what it is that I'm asking of them.

I really think I'm going to hurt in the worst way come the morning.

On the life front I am fascinated. I often back away from people and I've encountered a person who is much like me. All the false fronts and the quiet back up and tuck in. I don't think I've ever met another person quite like that and the fact that said person is this way makes me keep looking closer to see what they are doing, when in most cases I would be backing up and tucking in myself.

It's almost like getting to have a look at a side of myself that I don't fully understand. Maybe I'll get it better from the outside.
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